Innovation with Tradition

After 30 years of experience in software development, thereof 20 years of object oriented engineering of ERP software with several 10.000 users, Compex has identified throughout the years reusable abstractions of business typical domains which can also be used in practically all software development areas.

Our focus has always been to design business process modeling tools, which enable organizations to model their business processes e.g. from merchandise, supply-chain and multi-channel management to logistics and accounting and many other fields, because everything is process!

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Compex bei Kaiser's Tengelmann
Development Team at Compex


More than 30 years

in software development

Over 5,000 man days

invested in the latest version of OS.bee

More than 35.000 users

of Compex solutions


Engineering your success

Thousands of users trust our long-term experience. Our customers include some renowned company groups throughout Europe, such as Coop, Kaiser’s Tengelmann, and Penny, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Ferdinand Kreutzer Sabamühle
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