Our philosophy


Quality Management

The central core of our daily work is to improve our business processes and thus our products.  In order to measure the quality achieved, we have defined key performance indicators (KPIs), with which the measured processes and products can be evaluated, in order to determine whether they meet the desired requisites.

Our quality management consists of:

  • quality planning
  • quality control
  • quality assurance
  • quality improvement

Regular training of our employees is a guarantee of a continuously high quality level.

A central element in the quality assurance of the development of our standard software is the system-supported configuration management and the use of automated testing.

That this culture of quality permeates all levels of our company is one of the primary goals of company management, since the quality of our products is namely one of the central arguments for Compex Commerce®.


Core Values

We are available as contact partners for our customers at any time, in an atmosphere of open communication marked by mutual respect.  We are proactive in our customer communication and work not only sustainably, but also under consideration of ethical principles that meet societal expectations as well as the legal requirements placed on business.

The fundamental principles of our company culture:  

  • integrity  
  • fairness  
  • engagement  
  • loyality  
  • desire to perform  
  • quality awareness 

The culture of values we live creates a space in which we can work together over the long-term with our customers and suppliers in an atmosphere of mutual respect.



Practicing sustainability also means for us pursuing resource-efficient growth with innovative technology, and thereby driving the business development of all our customers.  Our superordinate goal is to apply the particular strengths of our company in order to make a contribution to economic and societal development, as well as to the environment.

We anchored this important topic into our long-term strategy right at the beginning, and have pledged to practice sustainability.

Customers, suppliers and other business partners require accountability and transparency with respect to sustainable processes.  With the 2BEE® concept, we are pioneers in the structuring and documentation of such requirements.  In this way, sustainability, also in our company, is planable, measureable, analyzable and controllable.