Software made by people for people

You are invited to join the OS.bee community and support the idea of developing open-standard based business applications the better way. We believe that together we can break the hold of the software giants and help our customers to escape the vendor lock-in. There are four different community aspects around OS.bee:

Community Support

In order to get started with OS.bee, we are providing information and collaboration opportunities to the registered members of OS.bee community. You can receive exclusive content. It's all for free, only registration is required.

Technology Partners

Respecting Open Standards, we have chosen the Eclipse Ecosystem as IDE and a hand-picked technology stack to support our business platform. OS.bee allows software developers to take advantage of built-in 30+ frameworks, covering practically all different aspects of engineering business applications. We believe in strong relationship and cooperation with our technology partners.

Open Source

The availability of open source solutions for almost every possible technical challenge is changing the world of software development. OS.bee benefits from a number of frameworks and tools with a license, which allows software to be freely used and modified. In return, substantial parts of OS.bee are available under the open source license.

Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse is the technology platform, on which we organize our joint development. As a solution member, Compex contributes substantial parts of OS.bee as an Eclipse project under the name Open Standard Business Platform (OSBP). We look forward to receive contributions from within the Eclipse community.