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Installation tutorial

We walk you step by step through the installation routine.


What's next?

Here are some resources that will help you to get started.

  Download the software factory

Get the software factory up and running, and start modeling your first app within few minutes.

  Watch tutorial videos

Learn how to use the OS.bee software factory from step-by-step tutorial videos.

  Set up your first project

Read what to consider during installation, setup product preferences and use model wizards.

  Read documentation

Need more insight? Detailed information can be found in our documentation.

  Register to join the community

Register and you'll get even more documentation, videos and benefit from special resources for community members.

Need help?

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Your first app

First steps are always challenging. We created a range of wizards and sample apps, you can start with. You'll wonder how fast your first app will come into life!

Project setup