Project setup

After the successfull installation you can immediately setup your app project. Use the provided wizards to build your first OS.bee app. Don't forget to complete the application configuration including authentication, data sources, demo settings, external data sources, localization, persistence units, project wizard settings & service communication.


Extend the basic example AppUpIn5Minutes to an app with a more complex entity (data) model and additional services. The wizard walks you through while creating more than 30 models.


The AppUpIn5Minutes example shows the power and ease OS.bee has to create a fully qualified app using as simple input as a .csv file (or an excel sheet stored as .csv file). As only premise AppUpIn5Minutes requires a .csv file with its column names in the first line (data structure) and its corresponding data in the following lines.


With the shop wizard you will be able to create a basic shop backend application for managing product data, prices, shops, logistics etc.