Aggregation / Cube

The OS.bee software factory allows users to analyze large and complex amounts of data in real-time using OLAP cubes (Online Analytical Processing). Aggregation means turning big data into big insights, adding business intelligence (BI) seamlessly integrated in your application.

Business Intelligence

Interactive exploration of the data by drilling and cross-tabulating information.


Create multi-dimensional generalization of a two- or three-dimensional spreadsheet.


Use visual big data analytics tools to extract, prepare, and blend any data.


Use cube cells to represent some measure such as sales, profit, cost, expenses, budget, forecast, etc.


Build arbitrary dimensions according to your needs and create multidimensional data storages.

Advanced analytics

Delivers advanced visualizations and analytics.

Cube DSL

Data source

Hide the complexity of entity models.

Entity Model

Unlimited number

Create an unlimited number of OLAP cubes each dedicated to a special purpose.


Use any aggregate along your levels and use MDX to query results.


Organize elements of a dimension as a hierarchy / a set of parent-child relationships

DSL Grammar & Framework

Utilize Online Analytical Processing server (OLAP) of Mondrian (Pentaho).