Translation Service

Translation service is designed to reduce the risk of bugs in the initial translation und in general reduce the effort of translation tasks. It utilizes a framework based on TapiJI for building multilingual applications.

Beyond ASCII

Handle ASCII as well as non-ASCII characters.

Writing direction 

Use different text-directionalities, supporting Arabic RTL (right-to-left) and Asiatic TBRL (top-to-bottom/right-to-left) writing system.

Long text-fragments

Enable translation of long text-fragments.

Translation Service Designtime

Edit assist

Highlight missing internationalizations and provide Quick Fixes.

Inside Eclipse

Provide IDE-integrated application for resource translation.

No format conversion

Allow to edit resource bundle without file format conversion.


Assist cooperative translation work.

DIY Bundles

Use our translator service with your own bundles using OSGi declarative services.

Human Translation Service

Simultaneous loading and synchronization of multiple property files of a resource bundle.


Utilize the power of TapiJI for your internationalization efforts.