Data Management

Make your data work for you!

For business applications operating with data is a core issue. OS.bee has a sophisticated data management to store, manage, manipulate, analyze and visualize data.

Generic persistence

Business applications are always data centric. It may be a relational database or a non-SQL database, a web-service or just files. OS.bee is not tied to a specific technology. You can easily mix various database products in a single application. The OS.bee persistence includes features like entity models, data types and data transfer objects (DTO), supplemented by persistence service, OSGi implementations, as well as mock data generator.


With integration features OS.bee based applications can be embedded into environments of your choice. Data interchange allows for a real-time integration with any system and delivers a lightweight platform on which you can build your own custom processing logic for a wide range of data formats. Transform data regardless of formats and implement ETL features.