Professional security features for your application

OS.bee security features provides authentication and authorization to every OS.bee application. Role or group specific access requirements as well as selective restrictions can be defined.


Access control in applications relies on authorization policies. With OS.bee you can protect your data from unauthorized access or modification by defining the access rights in an organizational model.


Authentication is the process of identity verification. To do so, a user needs to provide some sort of proof of identity that an OS.bee application understands and trusts. The details of the authentication requirement may vary from one application to another, but they all have one thing in common - the application must display some kind of login/password dialog and does not allow use of any resources/windows/dialogs until authentication succeeds.


Each position within an organization is assigned to one or more roles that authorize for a particular task. Each position is occupied by one or more users that inherit access rights from the assigned roles. Common security requirements for users or groups of users can be defined for single users, role-based or graphically with OS.bee’s unique organigram editor.