Authentication is the process of identity verification. To do so, a user needs to provide some sort of proof of identity that an OS.bee application understands and trusts. The details of the authentication requirement may vary from one application to another, but they all have one thing in common - the application must display some kind of login/password dialog and does not allow use of any resources/windows/dialogs until authentication succeeds.

Login Dialog for User Authentication


Login dialog is provided to authenticate application users.

User experience

Use remember-me, forgot-password, register and auto-sign-on features and create own workflows for them.

Single sign-on

Use single-sign-on on multiple platforms.


Track user activity with automatically created log files based on the authentication requests received from access servers.

Data protection

Store passwords & cookies protected by encryption.

Prevent risks

Be protected against Rapid Fire Attacks, Denial of Service, Cookie Fraud, SQL Injection and cryptographic hacks.

Authentication Service Designtime

Pluggable data sources

Authenticate users via LDAP, JDBC, Active Directory or Kerberos.

Security level

Optionally disable remember-me and auto-sign-on features.

Administration support

Use simple workflows to register huge amounts of new users.

Access control

Optionally interlink with authorization features.




Utilize the power of Shiro security framework. The design of the login dialog is delivered by Vaadin UI framework.