Charts help to better understand data as “one picture says more than thousand words”. With OS.bee chart you can provide vivid and interactive charts of your crucial company data to your users, for example hierarchical data in a collapsible tree view or in a tree map the share of profit over sales groups.

Diagram types

Use any of the available types: bar, line, pie, donut, bubble, gauge.


Enhance your charts with trend lines, zoom, multiple scales, toggle series, animated rendering, legends, tooltips, shades, stacks.


Set new filters or multi-select filters anytime at runtime, to get e.g. aggregated results.

Chart DSL

From data to knowledge

Create diagrams or graphs that organize and represent a set of numerical or qualitative data.

Realtime information

Watch your charts changing while other users or processes change underlying data.

DSL Grammar & Frameworks

Utilize Vaadin dChart add-on for jPlot implementation and  D3.js library by Data-Driven Documents.