Sophisticated appearance and ergonomics of forms are implemented for an incomparable user experience: you dialog layout auto-adapts to specific contexts, user privileges or other data. OS.bee has put focus on dialogs as they once of the most used user interfaces. You can define them once & (re)use them in a flexible way.


Allow entering, displaying and retrieving information from users.


Determine the visibility of a component either by processing data, or states of other components.

In-place editing

Place dialogs in separate parts of perspective or embed in tables (grid).


Place toolbars or actions following rules.


Display useful tooltips, notification and alert messages.

Dialog DSL

Unique ability

Dialog builds the bridge for UI component models between different worlds:


Use toolbars to interact with components or the underlying DTO.

Embed UI models into other UI elements such as menus.

Desktop or mobile

Utilize the generic definition of UI components to work best within a desktop web application or for mobile use.

UI layout and components


Define & layout UI components manually or using layout strategy & autowire features.

DSL Grammar & Framework

Utilize the power of Vaadin UI framework & create web applications that give the look and feel of native mobile applications with Vaadin Touchkit.