Open standard requirement management

OS.rm is the OS.bee application for requirement management. Make sure that a product or service meets the needs and expectations of your stakeholders by managing your requirements with OS.bee. Create, define, prioritize, categorize, document and trace requirements both in large or small projects. Be able to share certain parts of the content and control data access based on the roles managed via your organization chart.


Set and change the status of your requirements, attach files or relate them with clients or orders. Link tickets that depend on each other and thus create a coherent network of requirements.


At the same time you benefit from two features of the OS.bee Software Factory that are also contained in this application: First, you are able to document the life cycle of a requirement and trace back to its origin. Every change that is made will be documented, which means you are able to follow the requirement´s way in both forward and backward direction through the entire project´s life cycle.


This gives you insights in impacts of changes in the past. Second, you benefit from the organization model which defines roles and grants access rights to your data. Assign roles to your users and get access control based on roles.

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You may take use of the OS.bee software factory only subject to the terms of the Eclipse Public License - v 2.0 and the End User License Agreement for free OS.bee Software v1.0. Included third-party code remains under its according license. View the complete list of licenses used here.

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System requirements: OS.bee is based on JAVA 8. Therefore the system requirements of JAVA 8 apply. More details