Model your business



The fuel of modern businesses and organizations is software. As more and more companies become software-driven and smarter, faster adaptable and cost saving software engineering methods and techniques are needed.

With 30 years of experience in engineering business software we know how to streamline and automate application development, and are apt to choose the right level of abstraction and to identify the necessary core assets.

As a result, our applications are modeled and orchestrated with reusable elements embedded in a universal Business Engineering Environment (BEE®).

Fast lane for business solutions



We believe that business models shall not be stashed in plain source code. This takes too much time, is error prone and too costly in maintenance. Instead, business models using modeling techniques persisted in domain specific languages (DSL) will result in short implementation times, sustainable and easy improvable business applications dramatically diminishing software related costs.

Using the Open Standard business engineering environment (OS.bee), developers and architects can take advantage of built-in 30+ frameworks, covering practically all different aspects of engineering business applications. This is shareconomy at its best.

Enhance quality without sacrificing time or budget



With traditional software development techniques, costs, schedule and quality are highly correlated, and it’s difficult to increase the quality without increasing either costs or schedule or both. Modeling or in other words assembling applications will free up time for working on more sophisticated features, reducing at the same time the likelihood of design flaws. The OS.bee software factory also generates unit tests and many other things which will allow you to improve your software quality without being tied to costs, time or efforts as many traditional deveelopment tasks are executed automatically.

Master the application lifecycle



As a matter of fact the development of a business application is never completed. Barely in use, new user requests have to be implemented or bugs fixed. Due to the model driven approach, change requests can be satisfied in a wink of an eye, compared to conventional development practices. The OS.bee software factory can be used to repeatedly build customized instances of an application, which extremely simplifies governance and also lowers maintenance costs. 

Clear your way to efficient software engineering!


We are proud to introduce OS.bee, the Open Standard Business Engineering Environment, which enables you to specify, build, deploy, operate and maintain your applications with efficiency unknown until today. 

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