Each position within an organization is assigned to one or more roles that authorize for a particular task. Each position is occupied by one or more users that inherit access rights from the assigned roles. Common security requirements for users or groups of users can be defined for single users, role-based or graphically with OS.bee’s unique organigram editor.

Business focus

Combine business processes and security considerations based on the most basic organization information: who is doing what job and how.


Enable users sharing the same role to team up for tasks assigned to this role (as it’s treated as BPM user-group).

Organization DSL

Permission Service

Manage privileges to use resources inferring from the current user's roles using declarative services. You can even assign multiple roles to a position and inherit its permissions to related users.


Entity Model

Data protection 

Assign sets of data filters to every position and multi-position e.g. don't allow one store manager to see the other's sales data.

Reduce duplicate work

Cut short repeatedly occurring positions using multi-positions like "Store Manager" for each of your stores.

DSL Grammar