Data Interchange

OS.bee utilizes Smooks framework which allows you to implement data interchange without need of expert Java developers. Import and export file-oriented or message-based data effortless into the OS.bee ecosystem and make your business processes open for any external system.

Data Interchange DSL

XML and non XML

Model applications for processing XML and non XML data.

EDI & more

Support In- and outbound EDI and UN/EDIFACT data.


Customize your own EDI messages.

Structured data

Process CSV, JSON, YAML files.

Direct import/export

Import and export directly to/from your data source.


Use Freemarker or XML Templating.


Validate using XSLT, Regex and MVEL rules.

Huge data processing

Mix DOM and SAX for huge data processing.


Transform and lookup data to validate and enrich imported data.


Filter incoming data real-time.


Process variable and fixed length formats.


Use cascaded persistence while importing.

Data field level

Map data fields.

Message fragments

Process and route messages fragments.


Perform Extract Transform Load (ETL) operations.

DSL Grammar & Framework

Utilize the power of Smooks data interchange framework.