OS.bee Add-Ons

On this page you will find an overview about the Add-ons that are available with the download of the OS.bee software factory. As an promotion during the introduction phase of OS.bee, the download of the factory includes the Add-ons listed below.

Authorization & Organization (A&O)

Supplement your software factory with the ability to create your very own access control system, according to your organizational positions and requirements.

Model an organization chart, defining the roles, and assign data access rights to each role, depending on the responsibilities of each position.

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Business Process Modeling (BPM)

This add-on enables you to model and perform your business processes with the support of your software factory.

Create a process model consisting of tasks and decisions and assign them to the roles of your organization chart. The workflow engine ensures that your processes run effectively and successfully, whether short-term or long-term. All collaborative orchestration between persons and the machine is managed by the engine and tasks are presented to the predetermined roles inside the organization if human intervention is necessary. Only persons assigned to that role can claim, complete or delegate a task.

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Business Analytics

Store and hierarchically organize your business data bases as cube in multi-dimensional arrays. Evaluate your structured data on the required levels and represent the results in a table or as a chart: ready-to-use for your business reports.

Regardless of whether you would like your data base to be structured in three or more dimensions: With OS.bee Business Analytics, you´ll get the ability to individually configure a multi-dimensional data set and use it for your business purposes by evaluating it on required levels. In the next step, visualize the results as pie chart or table.  

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Mobile UI

Make your UI future proof across all platforms: Generate a user interface for mobile devices quickly and suitable for all primarily used operating systems. Optimize your application with a responsive and pleasant user experience.

Building on ubiquitous HTML5 platform ensures futureproof support of all features on mobile platforms. Your applications will easily run on iOS, Android and Windows phones, on tablets as well as on other small screen devices by using hardware acceleration wherever possible.

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UI Designer

Customize the user interface of the application during design time as well as during runtime, if required.

Activated users get the ability to customize their perspectives during runtime using any browser, independently and individually.

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